AmeriCorps database

We created an online database for AmeriCorps programs to track outputs and outcomes with high integrity. With complete and accurate data, you can put your data to use and conduct meaningful analysis to measure impact.

Detailed records

Track client and service interactions

Demographics and client eligibility criteria

Automatic duplicate and error detection

Easy to use

Fast and easy customization

Quick, accurate data entry

Built-in and custom reports

Instant access to reports

Cloud computing

Everything is in one place - not on multiple sign-in sheets and spreadsheets

Your records are safe

Access from anywhere

Better data → Better evaluations

Solid data collection is an important step in conducting evaluation and helps answer the following evaluation questions:

  • Who is served by the program? Is the target audience being reached?
  • What are the outputs? How are the outputs distributed across the community?
  • What outcomes are observed and measurable? How do the outcomes compare to a control group? or a benchmark?
  • Who are the strongest partners in the community, in terms of referrals?
  • Which services are cross-utilized the most? and the least?
  • How does member effectiveness vary across services and programs?

Big Red Abacus helps you answer these questions through careful, thoughtful data collection.


Case Study

A national AmeriCorps program, spread out across geographically-diverse states, chose Big Red Abacus to improve data integrity and streamline services.. Several things made their data collection difficult. Because they are geographically spread out, files were transferred back and forth to share information. While each site had an Access database, it did not track eligibility criteria; AmeriCorps members had to separately keep track of each client's status in a different system. A few sites needed to track additional demographic information, but there was no way to add this into their previous software. Members tracked their outputs in the database, and they tracked outcomes in a separate Excel spreadsheet.



  1. Members submitted files to the program director via email or file transfer software.
  2. The system did not efficiently track eligibility criteria, and the system did not track client demographics for other grant reporting needs.
  3. Members tracked outputs and outcomes in separate programs, and it was not easy to aggregate the results.
  4. Clients did not always match up across different software and tracking systems.


Solutions with Big Red Abacus

  1. Hosting in the cloud means that everyone has access to the data and reports in real time.
  2. Detailed, customized tracking of client demographics allows entering all clients into the database and allows more robust reports.
  3. Outputs and outcomes are tracked together. Reports that combine outputs and outcomes are created effortlessly.
  4. Built-in duplicate detection checks for similar members, clients, and service interactions each time a new one is created.

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