Free up your time while providing a more consistent client experience.

Our approach is to make incremental improvements related to client service, the creation of plans and client deliverables, and overall task and project management.

Use a 7-step process for leads and prospects.
  1. Lead finds your amazing marketing material
  2. Lead schedules a time to meet
  3. Send friendly reminder about meeting
  4. Meet!
  5. Immediate follow-up
  6. Reach out 2 weeks later
  7. Reach out 4 weeks later

Use workflows to stay on top of the repetitive processes in your firm. Tracking leads or prospects is a great place to try out a workflow and see what it can do for you.

Standardize the creation of financial plans and client deliverables.

Each financial plan depends on 100+ data points.

Some of these values are consistent across clients, and many are unique to each client. Some change annually or with new legislation.

Standardize the planning process so the right value gets updated at the right time.

Systematize your client paperwork process.

There could be 19 forms to set up accounts for a new client.

2 new traditional IRAs + 2 new Roth IRAs + 2 new individual brokerage accounts + 1 joint brokerage accounts + TOA paperwork for all + linking and transfer forms

Systematize your client paperwork process so you know which forms to complete, what client information is still needed, what other paperwork to gather, and dependencies among the paperwork.

Organized Onboarding

Ready to hire a paraplanner and don’t have time to onboard and delegate projects?

The Organized Onboarding process walks you through key decisions about your new hire. After our meetings, you will

  • Have an onboarding plan.
  • Have written instructions for the first two projects for your paraplanner.
  • Be ready for your paraplanner to add value from day 1.

A first hire often fits into 1 of 2 broad tracks – the CSA path that focuses on client communication and custodial paperwork or the paraplanner track that focuses on preparing plans and client deliverables. Through discussions and reviewing your existing materials, Big Red Abacus prepares customized deliverables to support CSA and paraplanner tasks.